Ultima Pietra

Standing on the precipice of greatness, with the highest standards
and a no-compromise attitude Ultima Pietra is set for stardom
Matthew Jukes

Where Tuscany's Rich History and Nature Converge

Deep within the rolling hills of Tuscany, where history and nature entwine, lies Ultima Pietra, a vineyard of unparalleled distinction and beauty. Perched majestically atop the slopes overlooking the medieval village of Trequanda, Ultima Pietra is more than just a vineyard—it is a testament to the harmonious relationship between land and craft. With panoramic views that stretch from Monte Amiata to the distant Alpi Apuane, our vineyards stand at the nexus of Tuscany's natural beauty and its rich viticultural tradition.

Discover Ultima Pietra

Adopting sustainable farming techniques, Ultima Pietra has emerged as a guardian of the environment, and an advocate of organic and biodynamic approaches that refines the quality of its wines. As one delves into Ultima Pietra wines, it becomes evident that every sip represents a fusion of tradition, innovation, and commitment to excellence.